The Louvre museum shop

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The Louvre museum shop

The Louvre museum, a must-see during your stay in our hotel

The Louvre Museum shop

Located in the Allée du Grand Louvre, the Louvre Museum shop offers a large selection of merchandise inspired by the works of art on display, and offers something to suit all budgets. Vitruvian Man on a T-Shirt, a Mona Lisa folder, a reproduction of a bas-relief of The Valley of the Kings by Biban-El-Molouk, a replica of The Venus de Milo, stationery, games… The shop is an extension to your visit of this legendary Paris museum, and gives you the chance to leave with your own fragment of art.

The shop can be found at: The Louvre Museum shop is just a few minutes away from ACE Hotel Villabé. Save the address on your mobile phone now!

Louvre Museum
Allée du Grand Louvre
Rue de Rivoli
75001 PARIS